Contemporary European architecture has many faces. On one hand, international publicity is blending the architecture of the continent. New technologies and trends are paving the way for a unique unified Europe. The challenges that the Europeans face embrace the need to consider environmental issues, that is to say, the impact that structural changes have on the economic life of cities and traffic, and the use of image as a form of advertising buildings in order to increase the identity of each district in a city.

We present you some of our sample destinations:


Finland architecture"Every building, every architectural work is a symbol that represents our intention to build a paradise on Earth,” said Alvar Aalto in 1958.

An architectural visit to Finland must include a tour of the work of Alvar Aalto, one of the main references of 20th century architecture.

His wide work is principally found here. As we travel through Finland, we will have the opportunity to see other kind of architecture: in Turku, Finland’s oldest city, we discover a gothic cathedral and in Helsinki, the capital, we enjoy its architecture from its city center of neoclassical building to the Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art by Steven Holl, built in 1998.


Spain ArchitectureIf you are looking for a study trip to 3 Spanish cities as Madrid, Bilbao and Barcelona, this is what you need.

The principal idea is to discover the cities from a "flâneur" point of view, but with a pace that allows for an agenda packed with activities that allows us to learn about not only the architectural and urban characteristics, but also the aspects of daily life.  

Buildings, museums, monuments, restaurants, urban planning, art, architecture… will be the ingredients to “discover” these cities and establish an “architectural map” of the contemporary Spain, visiting the most emblematic works, from a historical approach.


France architectureOur guide will take you to medieval castles, roman aqueducts, master works by Le Corbusier; his newest contemporary architecture projects in France and Switzerland.

On our trip we will see the work every architect should experience as part of their professional education.  

The main goal is to take a bus tour to get a historical overview of the architecture; from roman aqueducts to medieval castles to the modern buildings of architect Le Corbusier as well as new and surprise contemporary architecture projects. 

Our bus will stop in the following cities: Marseille, Nîmes, La Tourette, Ronchamp, La Chaux de Fonds, Geneva and Lausanne


South of Europe architectureThe architectural trip to the South of Europe is a super itinerary to visit old and new architecture, urban planning and learn about the culture of 5 countries (Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and Switzerland) of the old continent. 

The voyage will begin in Lisbon and will concede a broad overview of the Mediterranean, from the Alps Mountain Range to our final destination in Rome.  

Don’t miss this splendid occasion to see southern Europe and make the most of your intercontinental trip.