Asia is fated to be the leading continent on the planet. A new economic cycle will change the world’s duality toward this ancient continent. The economy, industry, culture and architecture are blossoming, creating authentic wondering that amazes the entire world.

We present you some of our sample destinations:


Osaka architecture: Toyo ItoThis journey will give you an up close look at the different visions of the Japanese cultural universe, the more traditional aspects as well as the contemporary, with an explicit accent on the disciplines of space: architecture, landscape and urbanism.

Architects of the modern movement have had a fascination Japanese culture, becoming their topic of analysis. We are living in a world of great cultural diffusion. The capacity that different Japanese architecture studios have to include both the traditional and the contemporary in their work makes them slightly suggestive to the western world. This involves both the perception of the object itself, its internal configuration and the relationship it has with the exterior.


Shanghai architectureChina is the strongest emerging world power on the planet, besides being also a country that has experienced a transformation in recent years. It has made its impression in architecture; its economic growth is reflected in the rise in construction and creation.

The current 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing and the 2010 EXPO in Shanghai have increased activity in architectural study for companies like OMA and Herzog & de Meuron. Others like Toyo Ito, Massimiliano Fukas, Richard Rogers and Dominique Perrault have made their proposals for the area of Pudong.

Beijing is considered the social, cultural and political heart of China, while Shanghai is the country’s economic capital. We will visit both together with a sharpen focus on the cultural contrasts of these 2 cities in continuous movement. Modernity and tradition blended in this ever-evolving country.