Architecture trips

Architecture-focused trips

We offer you our international contacts that support the group with lectures about local architects and designers at the destination, as well as presentations on urban design, construction and studies on buildings.

We work with travel agent prices and provide a technical tour to help learn and enjoy the most architecturally interesting cities on the world.

We also act as a receptive agency for groups and individuals in the US and Europe, booking hotels, transport, food, renting venues, contracting hosts, etc.…


Academic - University trips

Study trips designed for students, in collaboration with the most prestigious universities of architecture.

We provide trips to learn and have fun, thanks to the organization of young and dynamic staff that makes the trip more pleasant in all aspects. The proposed routes are like those of professionals, but with a lesser expense on hotels, transport and food.

Our proposal is to achieve the highest level of efficiency for students; the choice of youth hostels for lodging and avoiding flights if not necessary on long trips, using a bus instead when possible, to offer a more suitable trip for young people.

You are free to follow our advice or design your own itinerary with our help, to fulfill the educational objectives, according to the needs of your group.

One of the aspects that students value the most is that we have agreements with universities for student trips that count as university credits.

We work together with the professor(s) responsible for the group to plan your excellent trip.

Our goal is to find the best itinerary, according to your trip objectives.

We take care of:

  • Contacting renowned architects and designers in your destination.
  • Booking venues and organizing presentations and seminars.
  • Research and documentation for the sites and cities you want to visit.
  • Integral management of trip logistics (transport, lodging, escorts, visas, etc.).
  • Buying entrance tickets for museums and expositions.

Study trips for technical architecture schools and universities fall within our plan of course studies, being part of an educational itinerary, which count as credit toward an architecture or engineering degree.

We organize seminars and events for universities of architecture, where assistance in different parts of the program counts as course credits.

If a university wishes to organize an intensive trip for students or an educational excursion, we can offer low-priced options with overnight stays in hostels or exchanging flights for buses, when possible.


We offer architecture travel services for professionals, including:

  • Trips and guided tours designed and directed towards professionals, in some cases in collaboration with schools of architecture, engineers, etc.
  • Professional development seminars.
  • The trips are organized as seminars-workshops for professional education, with tax-deductible expenditures. Participants are given travel documentation that will be documented in their file.
  • Due to the high cultural level of the budget, we take care of the logistics. Travel by regular flight, luxury bus and 3-4 star hotels in the city center of your destination. Specialized tour guides will accompany you on your visit and will be available for you all the time.
  • A wide range of options for you to personalize logistics, (hotels, transport, activities, etc.)

A well-planned architectural tour can be part of the marketing strategy of a company. It is an occasion to solidify client relationships, introducing the values the company considers most significant.

These shared experiences encourage a commitment to future cooperation. Client orientation is an important part of the tour or trip. Architects and urban planners update their work systems through seminars, and in this case the tour program focuses on one topic in particular that will include meeting with other experts.

People who travel together get to know one another in a very unique way. This has direct benefits when a group of professionals from different fields begins to work together on a large project. A group like this wants to meet experts and see high-quality projects. We can also promote participation in the dialogue, using various interaction methods.

A consulting business can reward its staff by organizing weekend excursions or a great dinner in an unforgettable place.