Guided tours

Guided Tours Artchitectours

At Artchitectours we offer you a guided tour and itinerary services that include the preparation of the tour guided by a specialized architect and the necessary documentation for your circuit.

Architectural tours in US cities

Our architectural tours usually have the following composition: Mini-tour (2.5 hrs.), half-day (4hrs.), full day (7hrs.), 2-day, or full week (6 days). Tours can be adjusted according to client availability. Transport will depend on the size of the group and the route you have chosen; walking, by bicycle, tricycle, electronic scooter, minibus or bus, or using the city’s public transport. Ask us!

  • Use our reservation service for available hotels and restaurants of historical, artistic or architectural interest.
  • Ask us to organize lectures about architecture, art or design, given by architects who specialize in unique buildings and locations.
  • Visit the interior of buildings.
  • Take advantage of our official tours of unique buildings worldwide, as well as to schools of architecture.
  • Our specialized tours are designed for groups of 20 or more people and we offer discounts for universities, schools, and students.

We offer guided tours for different sectors:


Trips, activities, seminars, tours and events for technical architecture schools, Universities and graduate courses.


Trips, tours, seminars, activities and events for professionals and companies in the construction sector or related to architecture, art and design.


Guiding travelers and people with a true passion about architecture and art who wish to go beyond mere sightseeing, looking for explanations from an expert in architecture, landscape architecture, urbanism, design, art...